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Nikah Foundation

  • Nikah Foundation is established with a sole motive of fulfilling Islamic obligation of marriage in a speedly and simple lay to uplift downtrodden, deserted, widowed and divorced men and women’s marriage life in accordance with Islamic tenats and guidelines.
  • Nikah Foundation is the only and the first registered foundation (reg no: 350/2007) with branches affiliated to it all over Tamilnadu. It operates under experienced experts of this field with the best schemes and plans. Alhamdulillah.
  • It is not a website service. Details of the registered members with this foundation will not be posted in internet. The details of the registered will be kept safetly.
  • It is not affiliated to any movement, organization or political party. It is an independent foundation in service of muslim community irrespective of their mother tongue. Nikah Foundation renders its service in friendly manner to those who seek their suitable spouses and thu   Read More

What We Do?

  • Nikah Foundation operates with its branches spread all over muslim dominated places of Tamilnadu and performs its duties with service mentality.
  • Alliance details would be registered after a complete scrutinising. Details of the spouses will not be posted in internet. It is not a website service. Photos and information will be kept safe.
  • Suitable alliance will be chosen by our special officers and sent to the registered members to their address by post or e.mail. Details regarding life partners can be obtained by the members from our any branch in person.
  • Direct contact would be made available between the parents of bride and bridegroom after consulting them. Definitely nothing would be discussed about dowry.
  • There would not be any indirect charges or commission collected except that of charge plan chosen by the members.
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Why Us?

Nikah Foundation and Its Need

Until now there has not been a single coordinated marriage information centre commenced for the sake of muslim community to find their suitable spouses. Pertaining to this, parents have to spend lot of money and time to chose suitable life partners to their sons and daughters. This task leads them to lose peace in life.

Pathatic Conditions of Widowed and Divorced

Widowed and Divorced men and women lives the life of discontent as they have to spend several years to find a suitable life partners. Further more it is the physically challenged brothers and sisters. Whose condition is more miserable and worrisome. Marriage has become mirage and dream to them.

Role played by Marriage Brokers and Middlemen

Majority of the brothers and marriage agents are money-minded and so they provide fake information. They operate upon dowry. They play a spoilsport by matching unsuitable life partners. Due to these irresponsible    Read More